Types Of Briefs: Men's Underwear Can Also Be Diverse

Gone are the times when men hardly cared about their appearance. The modern man takes care of himself both inside and out and, yes, his style too. But there is a garment that is sometimes forgotten: the underpants. And it is that when one finds the cut and style with which one feels comfortable, they never abandon it. In this post we will see the types of underpants that exist. Which one do you dare to try?

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Types of underpants: could you list more than 2 items of men's underwear?

Underpants are a garment with a very clear functionality: they allow maintaining a constant and regulated body temperature and prevent friction between clothing and the genital area, preventing irritations, rashes and other conditions. Also, they are more hygienic for pants. However, despite its importance, it remains a much-forgotten garment, and men rarely know of any style beyond boxers. That is why we have prepared this guide in which you will be able to recognize the different styles of underpants that exist.

Beyond the boxer: all the models of underpants

Yes, there is life beyond the typical boxer you know. If you want to enter the world of men's underwear, take note of other models.

types of boxers

Boxers have been gaining ground on briefs for a long time. They are characterized by covering part of the leg. Within this style, the following types can be distinguished:

  • Classic boxer. Among all the models of underpants, this is the one that comes to mind: it reaches almost to the knee, and is usually very tight. It is made of lycra, so it has an elastic and tight fabric.
  • Loose boxer (also known as baggy, wide…). They are usually made of cotton. They look like shorts because they are looser, without fitting as much in the genital area.
  • Brief boxer . It is halfway between the boxer and the brief: they are tighter than the first, but they reach the middle of the thigh and are wider in the hip area. Actually, it is the way in which the Anglo-Saxons know the slip. It is a garment that gives a lot of support and is very comfortable when wearing shorts.
  • Trunk boxer . What is a boxer trunk ? It is the most famous and the one that many people confuse with the classic boxer, although it differs from this in that it is shorter, since it does not go below mid-thigh. Many brands put their signature on the waist band so that it is visible.

Types of men's briefs

The briefs are the classic white turbo-shaped briefs . They usually have an elastic band or a rubber band integrated inside. Leave the inner thigh area free, since it only reaches the groin. Two main types of men's slips can be distinguished: the classics, which are those that have remained throughout time; and the minislips, which are somewhat more low-cut.

long gallumbos

The long gallumbos , also known as "Long John" for a story related to the England of the past, are ideal for the coldest or for lovers of outdoor sports. They are usually made with quality wool, so they are a great ally against cold and bad weather.

Csports briefs

In the same way that we use special clothes when we do sports (elastic pants, sports shirts, breathable shoes...), we also have to wear the right underwear. As far as underpants are concerned, you have to look for garments that provide greater protection and fit in the crotch, which will help to avoid impacts and friction. They are made with breathable materials, which keeps the area cool and reduces possible infections caused by bacteria or fungi.

Are you missing any? Here the most modern underpants

So far we have seen the most common styles of underpants, but now we will see those that, in addition to fulfilling their function, will help you show off a slim and stylized figure.

push up briefs

calzoncillos modelos

The push upo butt lifter briefs adapt to the body in an imperceptible way and give the desired volume in the rear area. In Leonisa we have Briefs with removable pads that provide support, fit and comfort to the wearer. The removable augmentation pads are not noticeable and enhance the buttocks in a totally natural way. we also have push up boxer that help raise the buttocks in a totally natural way, exerting the right compression on the legs and hips so that you look great.

Girdle boxer

Another way to contour the body is by using Girdle boxer shorts : boxer shorts that have a slight compression area in the abdomen and back area. Thus, the abdomen appears completely flat and the lower back has a point of support. As a bonus: it makes it easier to acquire a good body posture.

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Recycled material men's underwear

At Leonisa we manufacture ecological garments, such as these briefs made with fibers from recycled PET bottles . The fabric is breathable, so whoever wears it feels comfortable and fresh throughout the day. Comfort above all!

What type of men's underwear suits me according to my body type?

If you want to know what type of underpants for men go best with your physiognomy, take note of what type of underwear suits you according to your body type:

    The briefs or short underwear go well with short and thin people, since they are tighter and stylize their figure. The trunks cover the thigh area a little more, so they go well with most silhouettes, especially for inverted triangle and trapezoid bodies. The wide boxer is indicated for people with an oval silhouette or inverted triangle body. Older people wear it because the space between the legs is greater and it is more comfortable for them. Traditional boxers can be worn by people whose silhouette is more oval or in the shape of an inverted triangle.

You no longer have an excuse, check our infographic before choosing your type of underpants!

Now that we have reviewed the different types of underpants that exist, it is time for you to dare and try a model with which you have never dared . Of course, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the garment you choose, and that it allows you to carry out the movements naturally.

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