Colombian girdles and control levels


Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

Alexandra Hinestroza
Personal Shopper


What level of control is ideal for you?

In recent years, we women have begun to empower ourselves with our figures and to accept more the nature of our bodies. It is increasingly common to find women showing their curves proudly in their day to day and even on social networks, and I love this!

I remember perfectly when I was little, that cosmetic surgeries were the fashion, and surgical procedures They "closed" women to the perfection of those models that we all admired in magazines. for me never it was a dream to have any surgery, I had always accepted my body, and I didn't really understand how people could go so far with their vanity.

Years later, I understood that insecurities and self-criticism are so common in women's lives, that not even I was saved from starting to want to see myself perfect with more diets and exercise than ever. I'm sure this has happened to you too, and it's just normal that many times, society makes us be more critical of ourselves.

Currently, For me as a Personal Shopper, it is very gratifying to be in a moment of life where it is already a trend having cellulite, belly rolls, and above all… not being perfect. Since when is being perfect ideal? It never has been, but definitely the world has evolved in a giant way since the plastic surgeries were an aspiration, until today, where naturalness and self-love are essential in woman's happiness.

But that naturalness is already fully accepted in the world current, does not mean that the extra help and wanting to feel prettier at all times, are wrong. In Actually, when we take care of ourselves on the outside, we are also taking care of ourselves on the inside.

Balance in life is about making the best decisions with your body. It is proven that the Diet, exercise, and how you look all have a powerful influence on your mood and how you feel. you feel. It is very important to take care of them all equally, so what better than wearing clothes that show your curves, accept your naturalness and enhance your self-love?

I just want to talk to you today of a category that has become very popular in recent years and that has revolutionized the universe of beauty.

You have probably heard about Colombian girdles, and how they transform your body in seconds and make your curves look better than ever. But do you already know Leonisa's girdles? Did you know makes them so special that you won't want to take them off?

With this article, what I want Mainly, it is that you know the difference between each type of control: soft, moderate, strong and extra strong, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. I'm sure after Today you are going to dare to use them and incorporate them into each of your looks!

As a Personal Shopper, I understand that each woman is unique and perfect just as she is; but I am sure that many times you have had some insecurity with an area of your body that you would like to change or that would look much better. Does not matter whatever your age or your build, here you will find the perfect girdle that suits your needs and how want to see you

Did you know that at Leonisa we have girdles for all tastes, body types and occasions of use? Of course Yes! Either to stylize your figure, correct your posture or simply to feel more confident. Each of our garments are designed with high-tech materials, dream benefits and fashion touches that they will love it

If you are new to the world of girdles, or if on the contrary you are a faithful user of them, read on to learn more about the garments that will become your best accomplices. We are sure that you will find ideal garments for you, and once you try them on, you will not want live without them!

Control levels

Everything you need to know about our four levels.

It has happened to me in many consultancies, When I offer women girdles, I hear phrases like: Girdles are very uncomfortable! I can't stand them because they make me too hot! They are only used after cosmetic surgeries!
I realize that there are many myths and preconceived ideas that women have when talking about this garment, and today what I want is that you give yourself the opportunity to meet them, and you can recognize everything they can do for you.

The first thing you should know about our girdles is that you choose the level of adjustment you want. wear and how comfortable you want to feel. This is why you will find everything from the smoothest control to a extra-strong control on different materials with special benefits.

It is important to understand that the different levels of control allow you to gradually use the girdles, for example:

If you are new to the use of girdles, you can start with more comfortable and lighter garments, perfect for that you use at any time of the day: Mild or moderate control.

Or if, on the contrary, you are already an expert in its use, you can try on garments that, thanks to their maximum compression level, have shaping effects on your body: strong and extra strong control.

You want to know more? It's time for you to discover the different levels of control with all its benefits and find the one that best suits your needs.

Smooth control:

This type of control is the smoothest of all. It is comfortable, fresh and completely light. It is designed for all women who want to look spectacular in their day to day without sacrificing comfort.

Do not Has it ever happened to you that you wanted to put on a tight dress, but you feel that all the rolls?

This is more common than you think, and many times the people I advise they avoid certain clothes because they do not feel safe with their body. Many times they want to see each other more stylized, with a flatter abdomen, with less cellulite or a much more defined waist.

Y What surprises me most of all is that these women I advise refuse to wear these garments because they feel that they are too uncomfortable, too hot or that they are going to be seen with the outer clothing they wear in their day a day.

I have very good news for you! These garments that I am talking about are like wearing a second skin that adapts perfectly to your curves and your body. They are not heavy, nor will you feel they are too tight as they have very light compression.

Read on and learn more about his technology, and thus discover everything it can do for you:

What does this technology consist of?

  • The first thing I want you to understand is that this level of control is created from a material we know as SKIN FUSE. The word SKIN is skin, while FUSE is fusion. This means that it is a technology that fuses with your skin.
  • This technology is also known as SEAMLESS, which by having no cuts and few seams, are lighter and 100% comfortable garments that you can wear every day.
  • Imagine this material as a half veil that at first glance looks like a very small garment, but since it has very good elongation, it adapts perfectly to your body, it is super soft and comfortable. Amazing, right?
  • The magic is done by its intelligent tensions that are located in that specific area that you want check.

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have no experience using control garments.
  • If you want to shape and disguise your rolls with total comfort.
  • You just had surgery and you are looking for a post-surgical garment that is very delicate with your skin.

What occasions can you use this control for?
  • To all the people I advise, I recommend that they use these garments as daily use. In my case, I use the shorts of this technology under all my dresses, so that my body looks more molded and not having to worry about any rolls.
  • I also highly recommend pants or capris to wear under any bottoms, as that can help hide cellulite and make the skin look much firmer.
  • Do you have a party or a special event? If you want your body to look much better, you can feel Much safer with girdles that will not bother you at any time.

Moderate control:

If you are looking for a little more adjustment in some areas of your body, without losing comfort, this control is the one! perfect for you!

Do you dream of a garment that makes you look curvier but you are not willing to sacrifice comfort? You will not be able to resist these girdles!

I'm sure when feel its texture and material you will not stop using them, since thanks to its material they adapt perfectly to you, exerting a medium compression in each of the areas you want to control.

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

Best of all, is that, despite being very soft, they completely control those places on your body that you want to shape, stylize or highlight. Your curves will look better than ever, and everyone will ask your secret!

It's fresh resistant and ideal for those days that never stop.

What does this technology consist of?
  • It is associated with a material called Durafit: it is soft, light and completely invisible.
  • Imagine this material as a smooth, soft fabric that is cold when you touch it.
  • You can be sure to stay cool all day, thanks to its breathable fabric.
  • The magic is in its double fabric in specific areas that you want to control.

What occasions can you use this control for?
  • Like soft control garments, these girdles are perfect to wear throughout the day. A many women like to wear bodysuits or panty girdles, making them feel fresh, comfortable and stylish 24/7.
  • It is also ideal for exercising due to its resistant, breathable and durable material.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have little experience in the use of control garments.
  • You want to shape your body and hide some rolls that can bother you.
  • You want a girdle that is not noticeable or marked with clothing.

Strong control:

On the other hand, this type of control is much stronger and ideal for people who regularly wear girdles, since that having greater compression, it is recommended to have some kind of experience in the use of these garments.

I know many women who cannot live without this type of girdle. They turn into something infallible and in his reliable garment. I will never forget a woman I knew who worked all day in an office, and every day without fail she put on a bodysuit. She told me that she couldn't live without her, because when he didn't put it on, he felt that his "fatties" were marked and that he didn't maintain such a good posture.

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

Believe it or not, many women love to wear these girdles every day as they are They feel good looking "tighter" and with more pronounced curves. These women get used to being more compressed, and they tell me that they even help them to facilitate a better posture and feel more secure when they use them.

Did you happen to just come out of a surgical procedure and need a belt?
You are in the right place!
Read on and I'll tell you why.

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

What does this technology consist of?
    • Meet the POWERSLIM, a mesh-shaped fabric (similar to a honeycomb) that gives control stronger.

    • Best of all, it adapts to your body by trying to return to its original shape and exerting a perfect control while shaping your curves.

    • You do not have to worry when you go to wash them, since they will remain intact to use them when you need them most.

  • Although they are thicker than the rest of the controls that I have already told you about, you do not have to worry about the heat or if you sweat a lot, as they will stay dry, saying goodbye to humidity.

What occasions can you use this control for?

    • For after aesthetic surgeries such as abdominoplasty, liposuction or bracheoplasty (reduction in the arms).

    • You can use it for day to day, but I recommend that you do not wear very tight clothing as they can to get marked with your clothes.

It is ideal for you if:

    • You have a lot of experience in wearing control garments, and you like to feel more “tight”.
    • You want a more forceful solution and compress your curves more strongly.

    • Como prendas postquirúrgicas.

You have probably already had contact or have known girdles from other brands with this same material and control, But I am sure that you will not find other girdles softer and with the indicated control, than those of Leonisa!

Extra Strong Control:

I present to you the strongest control we have in Leonisa. I personally recommend these garments for those women who definitely LOVE GIRDLES. Why?

Because they tend to be much more strong, making them less suitable for people with little experience in the world of girdles.

Fajas colombianas y niveles de control

We have all dreamed of having a perfect and much smaller waist, so the girdles in this material as the waistbands can help shape areas such as the waist and abdomen.

You have probably ever I have found people in the gym using these girdles, as they can help retain inside the ignite sweat, thereby removing toxins from your body.

What does this technology consist of?
  • They are made of LATEX, a material very similar to rubber, but with all the lightness that so much you need.
  • It is a material that molds your body thanks to its resistant material.
  • The best thing is that it is very soft with your skin, since these garments have cotton on the inside. that prevent irritation and discomfort.
  • Although they are thicker than the rest of the controls that I have already told you about, you do not have to worry about the heat or if you sweat a lot, as they will stay dry, saying goodbye to humidity.

What occasions can you use this control for?
  • As I told you before, these girdles are widely used for exercising, since they can help shape your body while eliminating toxins with sweat.
  • I recommend using them for moments or hours, to shape your body progressively.

It is ideal for you if:
  • You have a lot of experience wearing control garments, and you like to feel more compressed.
  • If you want to shape your curves while you exercise.

I am sure that after reading this article, you are already an expert in girdles and you are going to take the best decision when choosing yours. When you have them in your hands you will not be able to stop using them!

I really liked sharing with you all this knowledge about garments that will become your best friends to see you as you have always wanted.

I would love to know what other questions you have. about girdles by entering your question in our COMMUNITY. (community blog)

Until next time 🙂,
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