Leonisa Premium Terms and Conditions

The present regulation contains the general terms and conditions that govern the LEONISA PREMIUM program, and they will delimit and clarify the conditions under which the consumer may subscribe, participate, and withdrawfrom this program.
The simple participation in the LEONISA PREMIUM program, the object of the present regulation, implies full knowledge and the consequent acceptance by consumers of all of these Terms and Conditions. By this virtue, by the simple fact of participating, it is understood that the consumer knows and has fully accepted the provisions detailed below, as well as any modification made to them by LENOSPA S.A.


The LEONISA PREMIUM program is organized by LENOSPA S.A. of a commercial nature, constituted and existing in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Spain, whose principle domicile can be found in the city of Barcelona, Spain.
People linked to LENOSPA S.A. through any type of employment contract, may participate in LEONISA PREMIUM, but they may not combine employee discounts with the benefits of the LEONISA PREMIUM program within the same order.
Executives or shoppers within the European Catalogue Sales Program Program may participate in LEONISA PREMIUM, as long as they act as the final consumer in the program. They may not combine Catalog Sales Executive discounts with the benefits of the LEONISA PREMIUM program within the same order.
The LEONISA PREMIUM program is valid for an indefinite term, as determined by the company, and only applies to purchases made on the Webstore of Leonisa Europe https://leonisa.eu/en-eu and Leonisa United Kingdom https://leonisa.uk. The benefits derived from the LEONISA PREMIUM plan can be made effective on the online store of Leonisa Europe.

Participation in the Leonisa Premium program.

The participation in the LEONISA PREMIUM program, and the use of the benefits granted by same, are subject to the present regulation, that contains the terms and conditions established by LENOSPA S.A. who reserves the right to affiliate, use, modify, and exclude the LEONISA PREMIUM program.
Only natural persons, of legal age in accordance with the applicable legislation, who provide and maintain a valid email address, can be part of the LEONISA PREMIUM program. By registering for the program, the consumer agrees to register only one (1) account.
To sign up for the LEONISA PREMIUM program, consumers must create an account on the Webstore of Leonisa Europe by completing this form. The consumer’s membership to the LEONISA PREMIUM program will begin the moment they successfully submit the form.
By registering, the consumer automatically becomes a member and beneficiary of the LEONISA PREMIUM program and, in this way, fully accepts its policies and undertakes to comply with the procedures, terms, and conditions established in the present regulation, its amending, clarifying, and complimentary documents, and to comply with the decisions of LENOSPA S.A. which will be final in all matters related to the LEONISA PREMIUM program.

The consumers will be responsible for the information provided to register for the LEONISA PREMIUM program, as well as the updating of same, so that any error, omission, impersonation, lack of update, or falsehood in the information required to participate in the program will be attributable to the consumer.

LENOSPA S.A. reserves the right to exclude any consumer from the program in the event of any abuse or violation of its terms and conditions. If the membership to the program is cancelled, the amount or benefits accumulated by the consumer may not be transferred. LENOSPA S.A. is not responsible for the incorrect accumulation of purchase amounts when the consumer has provided incorrect documents and/or erroneous or incomplete information at the time of purchase.

Queries, requests, complaints, and claims.

To make a query, request, complaint, and/or claim related to the LEONISA PREMIUM program, the consumer must communicate with the Customer Service telephone line
Europe: 44-800-088-5434; or via email at euroinfo@leonisa.com.
United Kingdom: 0800-088-5434; or via email at customercare@leonisa.com

Cancellation, modification, or termination of the Leonisa Premium program.

LENOSPA S.A. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel, partially or totally, the benefits, terms, and/or conditions of the LEONISA PREMIUM program at any time. For this to be effective, LENOSPA S.A. must inform the clients, by the means that it considers suitable for said decision, without generating any type of obligation at its expense.
LENOSPA S.A. recommends that the members of the LEONISA PREMIUM program remain informed about the terms, conditions, and benefits of same, as well as their respective updates, by periodically revising the different media of communication, and on the online store.

Accumulation of purchases to belong to a level.

The levels of the LEONISA PREMIUM program have been established as indicated in this link.

Once the consumer has accumulated the necessary amount to go up a level, they will obtain their new status in the LEONISA PREMIUM program. In the case that the consumer has not gone up a level, they will enjoy their current level’s benefits until one year in the LEONISA PREMIUM program, at which time the level in which the consumer will stay will be determined in accordance with these terms and conditions.
To begin to accumulate through purchases with the LEONISA PREMIUM program, the consumer must be logged into their account on the Webstore.

Below are the transactions that currently do not grant accumulation of points at the time they are performed:
  • Purchases made in stores that are not authorized for accumulation, such as: Leonisa boutiques or third-party stores.
  • Gift card purchases (the amount of accumulation will be awarded to the consumer who redeems the gift card).
  • Payments made through credits.
  • Business or Institutional Purchases. It is prohibited for a natural person to make a purchase, accumulate the amount, and then request a replacement invoice in the name of a legal person. In this case, the purchase amount will be discounted from the natural person.
  • Purchases made with employee certificates.

In the event of an order cancellation or a return (partial or total) of an order, the LEONISA PREMIUM program will reverse the points or benefits granted in the initial order, for the same value equivalent to the cancelled or returned products.
LENOSPA S.A. reserves the faculty to exclude products from the LEONISA PREMIUM program.


Points and Prizes of the Leonisa Premium Program.

The LEONISA PREMIUM program offers privileges to its consumers according to their level. The benefits that the consumer receives for belonging to the LEONISA PREMIUM program are mentioned in the links below:

There are various options to earn points and to redeem them for exclusive prizes. Every $1 USD that you spend in the Webstore converts into 1 Point. Beyond earning points for your purchases, you can also accumulate more through other activities. These points are not transferrable.

  • You must be logged into your LEONISA PREMIUM account before making purchases or doing other point-earning activities in order for these to be converted into points.
  • The points will expire after 12 months have passed without the consumer having made a purchase on the webstore.
  • To redeem your points for prizes, you must log into your LEONISA PREMIUM account with your username and password. The prizes are delivered through discount coupons. When you redeem a coupon, it will automatically appear on the Webstore and it will automatically be sent to your email. For the coupon to be effective, you must apply it at checkout.

All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Taxes on rewards, if any, are the sole responsibility of the consumer.


Checking information in the program.

The consumer may check their level, accumulated points, and redeemed prizes by logging into their account with their username and password, defined at the time of registration.

To stop receiving information about the Leonisa Premium program.

The consumer may choose this option, for which they must write to us at euroinfo@leonisa.com / customercare@leonisa.com requesting exclusion from the program, eliminating all information and benefits accumulated in the program.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

Unless otherwise stated in this regulation, by entering and participating in the LEONISA PREMIUM program, the consumer accepts the privacy policy of LENOSPA S.A. located on the Website.

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