Every woman is unique and this also applies to the nipples. There are different types of nipples , shapes, colors and sizes, something that is completely normal. Although the entertainment and fashion industries have set certain beauty standards, there is no "correct" way to have nipples.

Different shapes that women's nipples can have

It's important to note that nipple types can vary in size and shape from woman to woman, and no one option is better than another. Each type of nipple is normal, and all of them are equally attractive.

As for the types of breasts, there are also an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Some women may have small busts and others large, some breasts may be more rounded, and others more tapered. However, they are all equally beautiful. Every woman is beautiful and unique, and this extends to her body. The most important thing is to accept and love our body as it is.

Types of nipples

Regular, small or large nipples

One of the ways that nipples can be classified is by their size : common, small, or large .

Common nipples are those that are of average size and shape. They are often referred to as "normal nipples." Small nipples are those with a diameter of less than 1 centimeter . They are usually proportional to the size of the breasts and can have different shapes. Although they are less common, they are perfectly normal and usually do not have any health implications.

Large nipples , in this case, have a diameter greater than 1.5 centimeters . It is less common, but they are nothing out of the ordinary. It is true that in some cases they can cause discomfort or pain when wearing certain types of clothing or performing intense physical activities, but, in general, they are not a symptom of health problems of any kind.

When it comes to underwear, different types of nipples can influence the choice of bras or tops that provide adequate coverage and support.

Padded bras can help create a fuller appearance in the upper part of the breast for women with small nipples. Meanwhile, women with large nipples may feel more comfortable in bras that have larger, deeper cups to provide better support. For common nipples, virtually all types of bras can be worn, from bralettes to push-up bras. For those days when they don't want to wear one, women with common nipples can also feel comfortable wearing tops without needing to wear undergarments.

It is important to note that the choice of underwear can also be a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. Some women prefer the comfort of non-wired bralettes, while others prefer the added support of an underwire bra.


Women with uneven nipples may face some challenges in their choice of undergarments. Although it is common for women to have some breast asymmetry, in some cases the difference may be most noticeable in the appearance and shape of the nipples.

In these cases, it is recommended to opt for bras with cups with removable padding or molded cups . Thus, the cups can be adjusted to each breast individually, allowing a more comfortable and natural fit.

There are also specific bras for uneven nipples, which include cups with different sizes and shapes for each breast. These bras provide custom support and can help disguise asymmetry.


Women with nipples are those who have the nipple retracted towards the areola, and may find it difficult to choose the right underwear. Bras that have preformed cups or padded cups may not be the best choice, as they can further accentuate the appearance of the inverted nipple.

Instead, non-wired bras (such as bralettes) may be a more comfortable option. Additionally, seamless bras can be helpful in minimizing the appearance of an inverted nipple under tight clothing.

It is important to remember that comfort and confidence are the most important aspects when choosing underwear. If a woman with inverted nipples feels comfortable and confident in a particular type of underwear, then that will be the best option for her!


Flat nipples are those that are barely distinguishable from the areola. Comfortable coverage and fit on the upper chest: those are the main demands of women with flat nipples . In this case, the ideal is to bet on molded or padded cups to create a fuller appearance in the upper part of the breast.

They can also bet on bras without wires or bralettes, with a softer and more comfortable coverage. Underwired bras may not be the best choice for women with flat nipples, as the underwire can feel uncomfortable on the skin.


It's not common, but some women have fuzzy nipples or little hair around the nipple area . Although nipple hair can be normal, some women worry about how it can affect the appearance of their chest and undergarments.

The presence of hair on the nipples can influence the selection of the type of bra or top. For example, lacy bras or tops with lighter fabrics can make them stand out more than thicker fabrics.

We must take into account that the presence of hair on the nipples does not represent a threat to health. Ultimately, the choice to wax or not is a personal decision for each woman. Some women prefer to remove it with wax, tweezing, or laser hair removal, while others prefer to leave it as it is. The choice will depend on personal preference and the comfort level of each woman. But from Leonisa we want to remember that there is nothing wrong with having hair on the nipples.


Women with protruding nipples, which stick out from the areolas, may feel more comfortable in bras that have cups that are more deeply shaped to accommodate the size and shape of the breast. Bras with molded cups can also be a good option to provide support and coverage.

Also, there are some types of bras designed specifically for women with protruding nipples, such as nursing bras or high-compression sports bras . They provide greater comfort and support for the nipples during physical exercise or lactation.

It is important to note that many women with protruding nipples do not feel the need to wear any type of special underwear. The final choice will depend on the comfort and personal preferences of each one.


Women with puffy nipples have a raised mounded nipple and areola, and this often makes them uncomfortable when wearing tight clothing. In this case, they can opt for bras or tops with thicker fabrics or molded cups that provide additional coverage to hide the shape of the nipple.

Some women also find it helpful to wear nipple shields or covers to prevent them from being visible through clothing. These can be reusable or disposable and are designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear.

There are also bras specifically designed for women with bulging nipples. They can incorporate additional pads in the nipple area to provide greater support. Having puffy nipples is normal and nothing to be ashamed of!


Women with supernumerary nipples, that is, with more than two nipples , may have difficulty choosing the right undergarment. This is because supernumerary nipples are often located outside of the 'normal' nipple area, which can make choosing the right bra or top challenging.

In some cases, supernumerary nipples may be located in the underarm area, which means that a classic bra will not provide adequate coverage. It may be necessary to look for a bra with a larger cup or go for undergarment options that fully cover the underarm area.

It is also important to note that supernumerary nipples can be more sensitive than normal nipples, so women may prefer bras and tops that provide more protection and cushioning. Bras with padded cups and soft fabrics are a good option for this. In any case, the choice of underwear should always be a matter of comfort and proper fit.

Unilateral inverted

For women with a unilateral inverted nipple (meaning only one nipple retracts into the areola) it is important to find a bra that provides the necessary comfort. One inverted nipple may be smaller or less prominent than the other , so a padded or padded bra may be necessary to even out the appearance of the breasts.

In addition, they will have to look for bras specifically designed for this situation. These bras may include shaped cups and added support to help lift the nipple and provide a more symmetrical appearance.

It is important to remember that having an inverted nipple is not an abnormality or a disease.


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