Maternity Shapewear: Pregnancy Girdles & Postpartum Belly Shapers

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Maternity shapewear, the support you need during pregnancy

Maternity girdles are recommended throughout maternity both during the pregnancy and postpartum. However, every woman is different and the time to wear a maternity girdle depends on your particular case: some mums go for it at 20 weeks and others decide to wear a maternity girdle just in the third trimester. 

When it comes to buying maternity shapewear, many questions arise. Maternity girdles are easy to put on, discreet and provide immediate relief for the mother-to-be while offering lumbar support. They do not only prevent pelvic injuries, a good maternity girdle will correct your posture so that you regain stability and maintain your freedom of movement. Our high-technology pregnancy shapewear adjusts to the baby's growth, offering firm support so that the weight of the belly does not overload the mother's back.

Once the baby arrives, postpartum shapewear will be your best ally! 

During postpartum your tummy loses tone and looks bulkier, but this is part of the process and postpartum belts focus on your comfort. Choosing the best postpartum girdle for your will make it easier, reducing the aches and pains of childbirth. You can also combine it with a nursing bra!

When the baby is born by C-section, it is truly important to control the swelling and the healing process. Post C-section girdles offer coverage and a soft feel for a comfortable recovery while you enjoy motherhood.