Maternity Knickers & Underwear for Pregnancy and Postpartum

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    Maternity Knickers to help you during pregnancy and beyond

    If there is a general consensus about maternity, that is “comfort is key”. During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes dramatically and this adjustment does not only affect the tummy area. The hips also widen and so there come many other unfamiliar changes that will make you feel uneasy. For this reason, pregnancy underwear has been designed to offer all the support that a mom-to-be needs at this delicate stage.

    Once the baby arrives, it is time to slowly recover from labor and delivery. Postpartum underwear gives you one less thing to worry about, for it not only keeps you cool and in shape but it also brings back the feeling of being yourself again. The nursing bras also come in handy having a newborn around!

    The kind of Pregnancy Knickers that you will need on a daily basis

    After the first trimester, many women aim to shop the perfect pregnancy knicker, the one that accompanies them along the journey. At Leonisa you will find over-the-bump and under-the-bump knickers thought for a daily use, for they are breathable, soft to the skin and able to target compression on the right areas while using expandable material on the belly. Pregnancy knickers should never pinch or squeeze, smoothly suiting the changing body day after day instead. 

    Targeted compression to relieve the pain on the back during pregnancy

    As the future mother gains weight, she begins to feel tired and pained. Pregnancy underwear has an important role at compressing the lower back, preventing the area from becoming overloaded. It also focuses on the hips, below the belly and the rear for a complete front and back coverage. It might also include an external reinforcement band for extra support!

    Rely on Maternity Underwear after the delivery with panties that include a postpartum belly wrap

    As beautiful as it is, birth causes the body to suffer and it is only natural to use postpartum panties during recovery. This kind of maternity underwear has wider leg openings and offers more coverage, being the most comfortable garment for new moms. Leonisa’s maternity knickers use antibacterial fabrics and postpartum belly wraps that can be adjusted to the compression level needed, since recovery isn't a straight line and every woman has different needs for it. 

    It does not matter if you have given birth vaginally or undergone a C-section, these undies will hold everything in place while smoothing your silhouette. Try out the Postpartum Belly Shapers for a greater control effect.