Underwire Bras

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    Maximum support with underwired bras. Choose yours with and without filling, also for large sizes!

    Underwired bras are perfect for women looking for maximum support. The strips inside this type of bras hold the breast much better than wireless bras and, in addition, they are highly demanded by those women who need bras for large breasts.

    If you need to buy a bra that fits your chest and supports it correctly, the underwired bra is perfect for you.

    The perfect wired bra for any occasion

    Fashion has evolved a lot for this type of bra and nowadays we can find bras with wire and filling, bras with underwire and lace and many other mixes. You could even combine them with matching colour panties to have a perfect set for any occasion.

    Whatever your style is, the underwired bra is the most versatile. You can use it at any time knowing that it will be a sure hit: it does combine with any garment! Take note of our advice: choose an underwired bra in beige to combine it with shirts of any color, it is a wardrobe essential that you cannot miss!