Thongs & G-String for Women

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    Thongs, a must-have in your underwear repertoire 

    Thongs are a daring and groundbreaking intimate garment that began to become popular in the late 70s, although it would not live its golden age until the boom of the 90s. Since then, they have been a benchmark in fashion! At Leonisa we like to innovate with new high quality designs, making this new classic an essential in your wardrobe. 

    A comfortable and versatile garment 

    When we think of thongs, we tend to either imagine a bold sexy thong or a refined and captivating look. The truth is that such a flattering garment is usually used in lingerie sets for special occasions, but the thong can also be an ally in your day-to-day life thanks to its functional design. It is elastic and unnoticeable under clothing, making it ideal for sports: try wearing it under a pair of tight-fitting women's sports leggings!

    All types of thongs at Leonisa: seamless, high waisted, sexy thongs... 

    Among thongs, the classic and string models are the undisputed protagonists. The difference between the two lies in the thickness of the strap, which can be a little wider or so thin that it hides between the buttocks causing a nude effect. At Leonisa we offer a wide variety, from the traditional black thongs to the most flirtatious models with tulle or lace, always with resistant fabrics that feel soft against the skin. You can choose between microfiber or cotton for greater comfort, selecting the shade that suits you best. If you want a little more coverage, without losing the thong feeling, Brazilian knickers may be a good option. 

    Remember that whatever type of thong you choose, the fit should be perfect to enhance your figure without causing discomfort at any time: check the sizing guide to get it right. 

    Match your thong for a stunning look 

    You can wear your string thong under skinny jeans or a mini skirt, but if you really want to exploit its potential, pair it with a triangle bra to emphasise your curves. If you prefer the classic thong, our advice is to match it with a crop top bralette and for a lingerie look, combine two pieces of lace.