Cotton Underwear for Women: Cotton Panties/Knickers, the Comfiest!

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    Skin-friendly cotton panties

    Thanks to the soft and respectful fabric with your skin, the cotton panties are perfect for those women who have skin hypersensitivity problems. Made from natural fabrics, this type of cotton lingerie prevents uncomfortable rubbing or infection, so buy this kind of panties It becomes a must in your wardrobe. 

    In Leonisa you can buy 100% cotton panties and enjoy the advantages of cotton lingerie for women, available in various colors and models. Renew your intimate lingerie with underwear made of cotton that helps you prevent infections or annoying chafing and gives you the comfort you need in your day to day life. 

    Buying cotton panties or thongs is now easier than ever! 

    In this section you will also find the cotton thongs more flattering. if you're thinking about buy panties O stupid Bet on those made of cotton fabrics and take the opportunity to renew your lingerie in a simple and respectful way with your skin. 

     Our advice? The black cotton panties make a perfect match with any bra, while the thongs of this fabric in nude color They are ideal to avoid annoying marks on clothes. Although if you prefer, you can opt for the seamless cotton panties. Cotton Brazilian briefs, seamless, high-waisted or string thongs, the choice is yours!