Extra Firm Compression with Latex Shapewear

For an impressive figure
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    Latex strips to define your figure 

    This year you have set out to lower those kilos of more that you have won, but laziness defeats you. If you want to see quick and effective results we recommend that you try the latex strips. They are indicated to progressively reduce excess abdominal fat and waist. Understanding the girdle and latex material cause the increase in sweating that helps contour your figure. These thermal strips can be used to exercise or to carry them in your daily routine.

    Leonisa's latex belts are designed so you can move with total comfort. If you are thinking of using this girdle during training, you have two options: the classic belt belt or the girdle free chest vest. The latter will have greater control in the abdomen, waist and back. Both are prepared to help you burn calories and eliminate toxins through heat. However, if you want to mold and reduce the measurements of the upper body and enhance your buttocks you can opt for the belt lifes Leonisa buttocks.

    Show the body you want, it can be easier than you think!

    Do sports with the lacke belts for women

    There are many celebrities who use latex sports strips to get the desired wasp waist. And this garment helps you lose the liquids that accumulate in this area. It is important that you choose a comfortable latex girdle and that you accompany it with an adequate training and food routine. If you want to have a successful result in your body, you must be constant in these healthy habits. Check out our collection and choose the best ally for your body.