Full Cup Bra or Full Coverage Bra

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Full cup bras perfectly cover the breast while providing maximum support for large breasts

Full cup bras are the best ally for medium and large sizes, offering maximum support by adjusting perfectly to the contour and chest.

These full coverage bras offer different cup shapes without enhancement, aiming at a beautiful natural shaping. They can have additional reinforcements in the back area, as the posture correction bras are specially designed to maintain a healthy posture without discomfort in the shoulders or forced positions due to weight. For even more comfort, a non-wired bra with wide straps and a big cup will accompany you on any occasion

Find the most suitable big cup bra for you

Every woman is different and buying a bra that fits your chest and contour can be difficult. Body width and bust size are two measurements that do not always go hand in hand, so you may not have found the perfect bra size yet.

That is why big cup or full figure bras are the best option for women looking for high coverage of the breast. At Leonisa we want to help you in your search so that you feel comfortable and true to your style.

Get a look that represents you without giving up comfort, combining your bra with classic panties or any other variety of women's lingerie at your wish!