Half Cup Bras: the best choice for cleavages!

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The ideal half-cup bra to show off your cleavage

The half cup bra It covers up to the middle of the chest, achieving a very flattering rounded shape. It is ideal for women with firm breasts and small size. The half cup bras by Leonisa They offer good support regardless of size thanks to their PowerSlim® technology, inner rods and non-slip elastics.

What can you use a half cup bra? Today there are countless necklines, from the simple round neckline of blouses to the daring halter neckline so popular among women. celebrities or the sweetheart neckline for wedding dresses. The half cup bra adapts to these models and much more, such as the strapless neckline or the boat. take advantage of the push up effect of half cup bra, with or without push-up, and focus on the top of your outfit


Find open half cup bras for impossible dresses 


Some dresses and blouses have a deep neckline that exposes the space between the breasts and a good part of the breast, although without revealing the nipple. For this very explicit trend, you will need a good half-cup bra that keeps the bust up And don't move around too much. But comfort is also important in these cases, which is why these bras are ultralight and very soft to the touch, avoiding any discomfort after hours of use. Dare with a dress with an impossible neckline and pay attention to our little tip: if you combine your half-cup bra with a Abdominal girdle you will get the perfect modeling for dresses and other tight clothing.