Tummy Control Swimwear: Slimming Swimsuit for Women

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    Girdle swimsuits for a slimming effect 

    Our specialty at Leonisa is shaping lingerie, always using the highest quality materials and the latest technology. It is not surprising therefore that our girdle effect swimsuits They do their job so well: a stylized girdle swimsuit, conceals difficult areas and enhances curves in the desired way. In this collection you will find swimsuits that stylize your figure and adapt to your body type. 

    If what you need is support or reinforcement in the chest, choose reducing swimsuits with cups. To show off a neckline, push up swimsuits will be your allies!

    Reducing swimsuits for a flat stomach 

    Do you want to show off a flat stomach and a defined waist at the beach or the pool? Reducing swimsuits exert compression in the abdomen area -which can be light or very powerful- than flattening the gut and modeling the curves. The swimsuits with the greatest reducing effect can lose up to 2 centimeters. 

    Slimming swimsuits in all styles and colors 

    Our slimming swimsuits follow the latest trends. Dare with transparencies, ruffles, deep necklines, asymmetrical backs and all the colorful designs at your disposal. You can opt for a black reducing swimsuit with great coverage or a daring swimsuit with a neckline halter, for tastes, colors!