15 Sporty Outfits That Will Enhance Your Workout Wardrobe

15 Sporty Outfits That Will Enhance Your Workout Wardrobe

The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere, especially now that we’ve spent a year at home living in our loungewear. As things begin to open back up, everyone will be looking for ways to make their activewear fashionable enough to wear out on the town so they can look good without sacrificing comfort. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your sporty outfits, then here are 16 must-try looks that will never go out of style:

matching workout set

1. Pick up a matching set.

The easiest way to put together a sporty outfit is with a matching sports bra and legging set. If you choose a printed set—such as our seamless reversible sports bra in camo and the matching seamless high rise leggings—then you don’t even need to add anything else! However, a matching sports bra and legging set does look super cute when paired with some of the other trends on this list, including leather jackets, high end handbags and chunky sneakers. If you don’t own a matching athleisure set and you want to wear more sporty outfits, then it’s definitely time to get one!

black and white outfit

2. Go for classic black and white.

This is another easy athleisure look that you can probably make with items that are already in your closet. First, grab a pair of black bottoms. They can be black leggings, joggers or track pants—whatever style suits your taste. Then, get a white top, either a more fitted crop top or a loose t-shirt that you can tuck into your waistband. From there, you can either choose more color with shoes and accessories, or stick with the black and white theme for a more versatile color palette. The resulting outfit will be put together enough to leave the house, but still casual and comfortable enough that you won’t want to take it off.

workout outfit with sneakers

3. Show off your sneakers.

The right pair of sneakers can be a fashion statement in their own right, which is why they’re the perfect addition to a sporty outfit. The casual nature of athleisure also complements these shoes very well, making for a sporty outfit that goes well together. To draw attention to the shoes, pair colorful sneakers with a more neutral colored outfit in shades of white, black and grey. If you’re wearing shorts, then you can pair the shoes with some crew length socks to draw more attention to the lower part of your leg and keep the focus on your shoes.

4. Add a pop of neon.

If you’re feeling bold, then adding some neon to your women’s activewear look is absolutely the move. Many athleisure clothes are available in neon, so you can wear an entire outfit if you wish. If you’re not feeling quite that bold, then choose one element of your outfit to make neon, such as your windbreaker or your shoes. If you want to keep it even more subtle, then choose smaller items such as sunglasses or a watch. Even if you’re hesitant about neon to begin with, you’ll probably come to love it and will find yourself frequently reaching for these bright colors.

Coordinated workout outfit

5. Coordinate your colors.

Neon gets a lot of attention in the athleisure world, but you can absolutely incorporate pastel, earth and jewel tones into your sporty outfits. We especially love looks that color match the top with the shoes, or otherwise incorporate multiple pieces from the same color family. You can also do different hues from the same color family. The key is to pick colors that are similar to one another — for instance, light pink and baby blue, or rust orange and forest green. The resulting outfit will be a sporty, colorful look that you can wear out to brunch and beyond.

6. Take advantage of cutouts.

If your athleisure doesn’t include open and/or mesh cutouts, then let us introduce you to them! Cutouts are an amazing way to add a fashionable touch to your sporty outfit. Many workout tops are made with cutouts for ventilation, which makes them perfect for showing off cute sports bras underneath even when you’re not breaking a sweat. We also love cutouts and mesh panels on leggings—such as those on our mid-rise cutout shaper leggings—which show off a bit of skin without revealing too much. By incorporating cutouts into your outfit, you’ll take it from blah to bombshell in no time.

long open sweater

7. Try a long, open sweater.

If you want to wear your athleisure during the cooler months, then a warm outer layer is a must. We personally love to put on some high rise leggings and a workout crop top and then throw on a long, open sweater over it. The sweater will keep you warm, while the open front shows off your cute outfit underneath. For this look, we recommend staying away from chunky knit cardigans and instead looking for a finer knit that will lay more closely against your body for a flattering silhouette. This outfit is so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off!

8. Throw on a jean or leather jacket.

Jean and leather jackets really do go with everything, and that includes sporty outfits. Indeed, tossing on one of these jackets over a matching sports bra and legging set is the perfect way to upgrade your look before running out to a restaurant or going shopping. If you get too hot, you can tie the jacket around your waist for the perfect casual touch. This look combines two closet staples—athleisure and versatile jackets—for a look that’s way more than the sum of its parts. You’ll wonder why you’ve never thought to wear your jean or leather jacket with activewear before!

Women wearing blazers

9. Dress it up with a blazer.

We know this might be a surprising suggestion, but hear us out: You can totally make a blazer work over athleisure. The key is to choose a slightly looser, less fitted cut on the blazer so that it complements the more casual look of the rest of the outfit. Your classic black blazer will of course work great for this, but you can also choose a colored blazer if you want to add a pop of color to the outfit. A blazer goes well with leggings or track pants for sure, but we’ve also been loving it over bike shorts, which have become quite the trend this year.

casual button down shirt

10. Add a casual button down.

Speaking of bike shorts, they go fabulously with another staple in your closet: the classic, loose button down shirt. If you have a long shirt that’s slightly too long to wear as a standalone dress, then throw on some bike shorts and sandals and you’ve got an entire outfit that’s ready to wear out. The bigger, looser silhouette of the shirt is offset by the sleek, form-hugging bike shorts. Leave the hem of the shirt free, or tie the two sides of the front together at your waist. You can also leave the button down open over a matching sports bra and bike shorts combination.

11. Put on a pair of heels.

Like the blazer, this is another item that might seem too fancy to go with athleisure, but it can totally work if you pick the right pieces. High-heeled shoes and sandals of all designs are the perfect way to elevate your sporty outfit and make it fancy enough for a night out on the town. Start out with shoes in black, white or nude to get comfortable wearing heels with athleisure. Once you’re ready to take it to the next level, try wearing heels in bright colors or bold prints such as leopard once you’re ready to draw more attention to them. You’ll wish you tried heels with athleisure before now!

12. Throw on some loose jeans.

Most sporty outfits involve wearing leggings or bike shorts on the bottom. If you’d like to shake up your fashion choices, then we recommend opting for some loose, ripped jeans instead. These pants have a more casual vibe that actually goes very well with activewear. Pair some high waisted, wide legged jeans with a crop top sports bra and chunky sneakers for the perfect spring look. Top it off with a ball cap for a more casual outfit, or do your hair and makeup to elevate the look and make it a bit less laid-back.

slouchy sweats

13. Wear some slouchy sweats.

Matching sweatsuits are often considered the exact opposite of fashion—and if you just throw on the grey, grungy set you’ve had for years, then it really won’t look cute at all. The key to a cute lazy outfit is choosing monochrome sweats that feature unusual design touches, such as sleeve detailing or a cropped waistband, and are made of high quality fabrics (rib knits are a great choice). They should also fit you well. Oversized is fine, but they shouldn’t be so big that you’re swimming in them. Add some well-chosen accessories and you’ll have a sweatsuit look that’s actually fit to wear in public.

14. Grab a cute bag.

While a fanny pack may seem more at home with a sporty outfit—and we do love a good fanny pack—a nice handbag is a super easy way to take your athleisure to the next level. Whether you prefer leather backpacks, small clutches or large totes, there’s a way to make every single type of bag work with your sporty outfits. Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a neutral colored bag in black, white, brown or grey, but you can absolutely use your handbag as a way to add a pop of color to your outfit as well.

15. Don’t forget accessories.

With any outfit, accessories are key, and this is especially true for athleisure wear. Touches such as sunglasses, jewelry, hats, scarves and so on will make the look more or less casual. In fact, accessories are even more important for outfits that tend to be more casual. Putting on some jewelry and nice sunglasses can be the difference between looking like you’re still lounging on the couch and like you got dressed to go out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wearing nicer jewelry or other accessories with more casual garments like leggings to dress them up. Once you embrace the possibilities, a whole new world of outfits will open up!

woman in black workout outfit

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