Silhouettes for all tastes


Siluetas de fajas para todos los gustos

Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


When it comes to choosing a girdle, every woman has a need specific.

We all know how important it is to feel beautiful and confident in our own skin when we wear a swimsuit. We want our only concern to be as happy as possible right now, leaving aside insecurities such as love handles, stretch marks and cellulite. This is why many women stop wearing bathing suits or say they can't find the perfect one for them, because they are convinced that these garments are made only for thin people and that they do not adapt to their needs, nor their figures.

The universe of colombian girdles is packed with the best technology and benefits never seen before to help you get an amazing figure instantly; because when it comes to choosing a girdle, each woman has a specific need.
It doesn't matter if you're thick or thin, if you're young or an adult woman, what is certain is that all women have at some point the need to feel better with our body, either to highlight the best of our curves or hide what we don't like it that much. Girdles are a quick fix to achieve our goal!

I'm going to tell some data that we obtained from a virtual survey that we carried out in Leonisa, beginning in 2020, to 500 women users of our girdles.

One of the questions sought to determine which is motivation of these women in wearing control garments, and these were the most representative:

  • They feel better in the clothes they wear.
  • They feel that they are stealing glances: self-esteem / ego rises.
  • They do this because they fill up faster when they eat.
  • They feel that it helps them lose weight and achieve a more shapely body.
With this, we understood that every woman has a goal clear when wearing girdles and a specific need, but we know that there is something in common: this need is directly associated with the area of the body that you want to improve, highlight or control.

The need of wearing a girdle is directly associated with the area of the body that you want to improve, highlight or control

For this reason, the survey also sought to determine which are the areas to control with the greatest importance to them.

Here I share the findings:

    • Approximately 7 out of 10 women seek to shape and stylize their abdomen and waist. There is no doubt that it is one of the areas where fat and little rolls can make us self-conscious or generate insecurities. In addition, many women stated that open the door to the world of girdles after a pregnancy, it is an easier way to accept the changes that take place in your body.

    • Then we find as a priority to control the hip area, and that is why what you are looking for in a garment that makes you feel tighter, then try the girdles of strong control, designed for the most experienced on this subject.

  • And without a doubt, the 'rolls' on the back are also an area focal. Generally these 'rolls' are a consequence of wearing a very tight bra for years. If this is your case, let me tell you that this can be largely avoided if you wear the correct bra size.

Now think, what is your need, the area to control and how you feel when wearing girdles; surely you will to coincide with many other women. Keep in mind the occasions in which a girdle never hurts: a party, the day of the wedding, a special event or simply when you are going to wear tighter clothes.

Do you want to know a little about my relationship with girdles?

I confess that I feel a little insecure with my hips and thighs, I wish they were firmer! For this, I have 3 types of clothes that I love and sometimes I can't live without, they are my best instant solution!


1. I love control shorts,

I can not miss when I wear skirts or loose dresses. I feel safer because I can move or sit quietly; I don't have to worry about anything! I look skinnier and when it's hot My legs don't rub, they're the best.

2. I have a smooth control dress

to wear under my tight or thin fabric dresses. My abdomen looks flatter and I don't feel marks the cellulite of the legs. Also, it saved my life when I bought a very nice linen white one. transparent, so my underwear doesn't show through or my crotch shows through.

3. Finally the control leggings.

Generally, when I travel for work, I spend the whole day standing in one of our Leonisa stores, and these leggings help me slim my legs but also improve circulation. I recommend it especially if you are going to wear white pants or very tight/skinny ones.

I don't know how much you love girdles, but I'm sure you will find in this article the perfect garment for you, the one that suits your figure and needs.

Get to know the most important silhouettes that we have in Leonisa, that you could use daily or on those occasions when you especially want to highlight the best of your body with extra "help".


Panty Shapewear:

A panty that, being high-waisted, extends to the base of the bust, controlling the high abdomen, mid, low, and waist. When to use them? It is a garment that goes with absolutely everything and will make you feel secure 24/7. The best thing is their diversity, you will find them Brazilian or cachetero type, they are all effect invisible so they don't show up under your outerwear and have some detail or lace to make you feel more feminine.

*If you are going to wear very tight pants, skirts or dresses I recommend a Brazilian style girdle panty to guarantee that nothing is marked on the buttocks.

These are some of the best-selling Panty Girdles:

Bralettes con copas suaves
Amante de los realces
Básicos con arco
Enter here to know the variety of options in this silhouette, it is so wide that You will surely find your ideal garment. We have Panty girdles in different levels of control: soft, moderate and strong.
see more

Panty shorts:

If your hips or legs cause you any insecurity, this silhouette is perfect for you. The panty shorts It has a perfect coverage that goes from the middle abdomen to the thighs, it will help you hide the famous "cops or rabbits" and cellulite.

Remember that this is one of my silhouettes favorite to wear under skirts or dresses, it gives you more confidence to move while styling your abdomen and waist.
How long to wear the shorts? You can choose according to the occasion because some are longer than others. If you are going to wear a short dress or skirt, make sure the shorts do not see you

If you consider that your legs are “chubby”, as many people tell me consumers, you will not want to take it off as it prevents friction between the legs and keeps you much longer fresh.
On the other hand, if you want to give your buttocks more volume, we have some control shorts with removable pads.

I'll tell you a secret: they are my favorite shorts.

I use it without pads because I don't need them, but I love it because it's soft and comfortable. I flatten the abdomen, it doesn't split my legs or waist, and it doesn't roll up either. I wear it with anyone of my dresses


Now, a fun fact:

Many brides wear control shorts on their wedding day. It is the best way to shape and highlight your curves without anyone noticing, and at the same time maintain comfort on that dream day.


T-shirts will help you control your abdomen and back comfortably. It is also so versatile that it can become your new favorite silhouette. You can wear it as outerwear by combining it with a jacket, kimono, scarf or with accessories; but also as an undergarment under all your blouses.
There is a wide variety, some t-shirts you can wear with your favorite bra, while others have removable cups, so you can feel freer without a bra.
In my experience as a Personal Shopper, I I have come across many women who have never worn shapewear because they put comfort above all else, but once they try on a control shirt they change their way of thinking. It is an ideal garment to wear all the days,
Fresh, practical and much more comfortable!

If you are one of these women, I recommend you start wearing this silhouette.



If you have more experience in the universe of girdles, know the most complete silhouette for your curves!
In general, a bodysuit controls multiple areas of your body: in addition to having a covering ideal in the abdomen and in other areas such as thighs, back and armhole, it has straps or even, some They have a built-in bra.
There are multiple options for you to choose from. You'll find some completely plain bodysuits perfect to wear with fitted garments, others with closure front or side, and some with front closure that have different levels of adjustment so that graduate it to your measure.
Being a more complete garment, it is also a must for after a cosmetic surgery or to recover your figure after pregnancy.
Use them with absolutely everything and daily if you are very fond of girdles.

You will find bodies with different covers and levels of control: mild, moderate, strong and extra strong.



When it comes to defining the curves of the waist and flattening the abdomen, this silhouette will fulfill all your expectations.
Generally, the waistbands have front snaps with different levels to be able to adjust them further over time so you can measure your progress.
I'm going to give you a tip what some women do: they tighten the clasp more right in the center, in the waist area, to achieve the curves you have always dreamed of.
When to use them? You can use them every day You will find different levels of control: soft, moderate, strong or extra strong.

Some women use the latex ones, which are extra-strong control, to exercise and burn more calories.


Maternal and Postpartum Girdle:

So you feel comfortable before and after pregnancy!
If you are pregnant and start to feel that your "tummy" weighs you down, I recommend you use a maternal girdle that has a reinforcement in the lower part of the abdomen and back to give you the necessary support and lighten the weight as your body grows larger. baby.
Don't worry! These girdles have the ability to expand in the abdomen area, so your baby will be comfortable all the time. In addition, they will help you prevent back pain. caused by the weight of the belly.

Find them with different coverings so you can choose the one that suits you best. like:


For after pregnancy, nothing more comfortable than a postpartum girdle! I tell you with certainty although I am not mom because I have been able to advise women and friends who are. His comments are always positive: “I I loved the girdle, I feel less bloated, it is comfortable and I have seen changes in my body”
the girdles postpartum they are also practical, they adjust with a velcro that will allow you to graduate them to suit your body and adjust them further over time. This way you can continue using the girdle when you lose measurements and track your progress.

You can use them after childbirth natural or caesarean section. Here I show you the best options:

Now, I invite you to try silhouettes that perhaps you did not know before. As you can see, the world of girdles is broad and at Leonisa we offer you a wide variety of options, accompanied by the best advice, tips and occasions of use.
Keep in mind just that area of the body that you want to improve to choose the girdle that perfectly fits what you are looking for.
When choosing, do it in the correct size, it is say, buy the girdle in your size, neither one down nor one up! the girdles already have control What does your body need?

Remember that you can choose the level of control you prefer. Yes you want to know more about this you will be interested in this article

Until next time 🙂,


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