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Sports bras with high support for intense training.

Women with a passion for sport know that certain activities require good mobility and speed, which is why a good sports bra makes all the difference. From a demanding routine at the gym to team sports, the need for a high support sports bra becomes apparent as time goes by. 

A single sudden movement can cause discomfort, pain and skin irritation. Your chest needs protection and high impact sports bras are designed to support and compress the breasts without restricting mobility or hindering breathing. They allow you to enjoy all the freedom you need to excel in any high-impact sport.

Quality materials for a good workout top.

During physical activity, the quality of the bra is more important than ever. High-impact bras use breathable, quick-drying material to avoid friction and irritation. The fabrics of a workout top benefit from PowerSlim technology, making them as stretchy as they are resistant for maximum support. You can train in your high impact sports bra on a regular basis, knowing that your chest will stay in place during your workout. 

Shock Absorbers sports bras, the infallible ally during exercise.

Unleash your competitiveness with Shock Absorbers high-impact sports bras, designed for the most demanding exercise. Regardless of the sport you're into - horse riding, crossfit or running - Shock Absorber bras prepare you for the most energetic activities. These highly supportive bras can be seamless, with adjustable straps, cross back or front zip for a comfortable and secure workout. Plus, they exert control over chest movement with no need for underwires!

Discover the best gym tops for high-impact activities, available in a variety of colours with reflective patterns - dare to wear the most chic prints in the gym or on the street without wearing a T-shirt! Enjoy a fresh look while doing sport and try out our sustainable sportswear, made from recycled material.