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Maternity Bras to accompany you during pregnancy

All symptoms of pregnancy are magnified by the third trimester: you feel heavy and uncomfortable, your skin is very sensitive and your bra size also increases. It's the right time to treat yourself! Our collection of maternity bras has practical designs for you to enjoy pregnancy, leave it to Leonisa's latest technology: breathable, flexible and comfortable fabrics; a wide variety of cups to cover the chest properly and total support. It is truly vital to feel comfortable during the entire process prior to childbirth, and women's lingerie becomes a fundamental part of it. 

In addition to the pregnancy bras, you can use girdles for pregnant women that help you distribute the pressure strategically so that you have maximum comfort during this stage of life.

Breastfeeding bra, perfect for those shared moments

Finally the big day arrives and with it a new protagonist in your life. Breastfeeding bras are specially designed for those special moments with your baby: they have a discreet opening to release the breast and a clip at the base to remind you on which side you previously breastfed, a true ally in motherhood! Super comfortable nursing bras are available for both large and small breasts. Say goodbye to the underwire and listen to your changing body: it wants you to be comfy. 

Nursing bras can be fashionable! 

Although nursing bras stand out for their functionality, they do not prevent you from following the latest trends. On our website you can find a wide variety of bras to accompany you during maternity: push up nursing bras with underwires or without and a wide variety of colors so that you can combine them with your postpartum knickers and set up a  perfect feminine lingerie set. Be truthful to your style before, during and after pregnancy.