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    Comfy bras, the collection you've been looking for

    What are the characteristics of a genuinely comfortable bra? Quite simply, comfy bras serve their purpose without causing any discomfort, regardless of the model or bust size. With a comfy bra you can forget about chafing, harsh underwires, the feeling of tightness and any other discomfort you might associate with a conventional bra.

    At Leonisa we can't conceive an uncomfortable bra, so for this collection we have selected la crème de la crème: garments that will accompany you at all times and even improve your mood. Don't hesitate to combine them with comfortable knickers to guarantee comfort, feeling comfy is noticeable!

    Bras for round-the-clock use

    In our wardrobe we need to have at least 3 types of bras: a strapless bra to show off our shoulders, a push-up bra for cleavage and a 24-hour bra that we can rely on. The latter will be our favourite choice to feel confident when we go out or when we lie down on the sofa to take a nap. 24-hour bras can be worn day and night!

    The most comfortable bras regardless of your size 

    Comfortable bras are available for larger sizes and can do without underwires - top style is for everyone!