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Ropa interior y deporte

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Fall in love with these 6 must-haves for exercising

If you are a sports lover, then you certainly care about choosing the right clothes to train, but you may not yet know that sportswear can give you more benefits than you you know.

What would you think if you I say that you can find in a sports garment the best of technology? In Leonisa we are experts in this, so I hope to surprise you!

I'm talking about sportswear that has the perfect combination of comfort and practicality, designed to give you multiple benefits and accompany you in the training sessions difficult. I call them must-have garments because any woman would like and needs keep them in your closet.

Fall in love with these 6 essentials to exercise, and experience the magic the one I'm talking about:


TOP DOBLE FAZ go get yours now

I present to you my favorite sports bra, I like it so much that many times I wear it to feel comfortable at home or in moments of rest.

Have you ever put on a garment so soft and comfortable that you don't even know how to describe its texture? This is what you will feel when you put on this top, you will not want to take it off!

The secret is in your seamless Technology, a seamless technology and perfect fit. This it means that there is nothing that can rub you or make you uncomfortable. It is a unique garment, so comfortable that you will forget you have it on.

Have wide straps and a pre-formed fabric to give better support to the bust, making it stay firm and instead, no matter how much you move while playing sports.

Ropa deportiva

you will be surprised to feel fresh and dry during your workouts, your materials breathable and quick-drying, allowing the release of sweat in less time.

Ropa deportiva

it's a top versatile and double-sided, you can use it in 2 different colors to combine it with all your t-shirts, or use it 'alone' to wear it with your leggings or shorts favourites. Do not forget that today, sports tops are designed to be worn as a garment Exterior.

I recently had the opportunity to advise a young woman who loves exercise, especially of yoga, and very demanding when choosing sportswear. When this top was measured I said:

wore a lot time looking in all the brands, a good top to do yoga and had not been able to find one that would make me feel this comfortable, I love this fabric! If you have more designs in this material, I take them all

Her words stuck with me because I felt proud of Leonisa.

I'm not lying when I say that the feeling when putting it on is indescribable. I'm sure that it will become one of your favorite tops. Use it for whatever you want: go to the gym, jogging, spinning... or simply to feel comfortable on a daily basis, and to to sleep!

Now, I am going to tell you about my following must-haves: leggings, capris y shorts. Bottoms that you will surely want to have in your closet because of their high technology.
To what I mean with technology? To what differentiates us as a brand and makes our products are unique. With any of these garments you will achieve a figure stylish and feel fresh all the time.

  • A more stylized figure:

    Garments made in Durafit, a technology that exerts moderate control. The waistband has double fabric, to more control, and it's high waisted; so get ready to see your abdomen flatter and more defined waist Not only this, your legs will look more stylized and no cellulite.

    you will feel that they fit perfect to your body, hiding the rolls, without losing comfort.

    Forget about marking imperfections so you can focus on the sport, and not have to worry about anything plus. Ropa deportiva
  • Feel fresh:

    All garments have technology quick drying and breathable allowing the passage of air and sweat release to keep you feeling cool and dry during your workouts.

    In addition, the fabric is light and soft to the touch to give you maximum comfort.

    Ropa deportiva

Now, you are ready to know the garments I am talking about. Each one has a unique design and benefits that make the difference. Are you ready?

2. LEGGINGS THE CONTROL go get yours now

This is my second inevitable, one of our best sellers or best selling products. Also, they are the sports leggings best valued by our consumers, who have shared with us comments like this:

I fell in love! Hide those fatties that I don't want to have. Very comfortable and flexible for sports

It will help you show off a more stylized figure so that you can move with greater confidence in any moment or occasion; because the best, without a doubt, is his versatility.

You can not only use it in your routines sports, but also everyday. It is designed for run, go to the gym... but also, for you to use it as outer garment.

Today more than ever sportswear is positioned in the world of fashion, and it is common wear leggings with sneakers, ankle boots or heels; so you will look beautiful if you complement your looks with these sports pants. Combine it with your blouses, kimonos or long shirts.

Ropa deportiva
3. CONTROL CAPRI Ropa deportiva go get yours now

Find in this capri all the power you need to achieve your most demanding challenges and workouts. demanding.

It is a garment that, in addition to control the abdomen area and legs, is made of a soft-touch material that fits perfectly to the body.

Remember that being breathable and quick-drying, you will feel fresh and light all the time.

I share the review of a user in love with this inevitable:

It's a garment excellent: great comfort, quality, fits perfectly and highlights your curves no matter if do you have one or the other chubby

You can use it to spin, walk, dance or in short, for the sport that want!


Matching Side Pocket Capri sport, control and practicality.

Go for yours nowWhat is this pocket for?
  • It is designed for save your cell phone, and so you can put on Spotify your favorite music while doing sports; but you can also save your documents, cash or even some keys.
  • It is located on the side and is practical, has very good depth to store what you need safe.
Ropa deportiva

Move freely while showing off your slimmer abdomen, waist and legs. Besides, remember that it is a garment with a soft and breathable touch so that you feel comfortable and fresh all the time.

Perhaps you had never thought of a garment with a pocket, but after wearing this capri you will realize that your life is much simpler and free from concerns.
Use it to do the sport you want, but it will surely become your best ally when trekking, cycling or jogging on the street, you can carry your things with you all the time and safe!

5. CONTROL LEGGINGS WITH TIGHTS Ropa deportiva go get yours now

You will surely love these leggings as much as many other women. With this information I tell you everything: is Leonisa's best-selling sports garment, You want to know why?

The magic is in her tights, not only to make you look more stylish, but also to make you feel cooler and drier while you train. Are tights breathable allow the passage of air especially in the area where it accumulates sweat, just behind the knees.

Ropa deportiva

Do not forget that at the same time, its design and materials help to stylize your figure, controlling the abdomen, waist and legs.

With these leggings you will have a better experience when time to play sports, while your sports look looks more youthful, stylish and fashionable.

You can use it to go to the gym, do strength training, resistance or agility.

6. CONTROL SHORTS Ropa deportiva go get yours now

My latest must-have is this short, which controls your abdomen and refines the waist while slimming hip and legs it's the complete package!

will be your best option on days when it is hot or when you want to feel more slight of Baggage.

I especially recommend you use these shorts to go out to jogging, because they fit perfect to the body, prevent friction between the legs and do not give heat, they are very cool.

The best is your versatility, that you can not only use them to make deport, but these shorts will become your favorites to use as a complement below of your outer clothing: dresses, skirts or pants. You will feel safer and you will be able to move or sit more calmly.

Fall in love with its comfort and what does for you! I leave you a comment from one of our consumers:

I've been coming for a long time struggling with control shorts until i bought this one. Now I feel more confident using my tight dresses and tight pants

Ropa deportiva

I loved sharing with you about the high-tech sportswear you find at Leonisa. I hope you enjoyed!

Now that you know my must-haves, what you wait to have them?

A hug,



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