Underwear and sports: What should I wear to train?


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Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


Have you ever wondered while exercising, if the underwear you have setting is the right one? I do.

This seems to be something simple and obvious, but sometimes it can be complicated. I like to do sports so I expect a lot from my underwear: bras/tops that give me very good support; panties that they don't show up under my leggings, and sometimes I wear girdles to help me sweat more during my training. I look for my clothes to be comfortable and make me feel safe; but at the same time, let it be flexible to move easily, and can withstand all the sweat!

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

Comfort starts with underwear, so let's talk first about sports bras or tops.

As a Personal Shopper, in some consultancies I still meet women who use their traditional sports bras; no matter the material or design. this normally happens when we are not clear that there are bras designed for exercise, or we do not know the importance of using them.

How are sports bras/tops different from sports bras? traditional?

They are garments that, being designed for sports routines, have everything you need to feel fresh, comfortable and safe:

  • 1. Good support: it is very important that your bust remains always in place, which is why these bras have elastics at the base or wide straps that they support the weight of your bust, minimizing the impact of movements. *If your bust is large, make sure the straps are wide.
  • 2. Breathable materials: are made of materials that allow the passage of air and quick drying, making you feel much fresher.
  • 3. Coverage: its design is intended to give you the coverage on the bust, sides and/or back that you need, so that you feel safe and calm when you move.
  • 4. Total comfort: most of these bras are free of arches, rods or clips that can make you uncomfortable during the exercise.
  • 5. Confidence: usually our sports tops have removable cups, very soft and thin, so that the nipple is not marked and thus you feel more quiet. The bust will look more rounded, but not bigger!
  • 6. Riskier designs: sports activity is ideal to explore more vibrant colors, wide elastics, differentiated backs and unique details. Remember that today you can show off your sports tops without the need to wear a t-shirt above.
Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

All of the above explains why you should wear sports bras when you work out. the bras traditional have more structures, arches, rods and clasps that can mistreat your body while you're on the go. In addition, the straps are not ideal to support the weight of your bust comfortably.

I remember that before working at Leonisa, I was also one of the wearing any of my tops to the gym, so if this is you, don't worry! Don't worry!... you are in time to start changing your habits when choosing underwear that will accompany you in your routines.

It is important that identify if the exercise you are going to do is low, medium or high impact.

For example, for walking, yoga, or pilates, you can wear any sports bra that suits you. feel comfortable. If, on the other hand, you are going to run, do crossfit or strong movements, use bras/tops that are designed for medium or high impact sports; give you more support bust.

I want to show you what is my Leonisa's favorite top because I'm I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. It's double sided, so I have 2 garments in 1, but actually what I like the most is that it fits perfectly to my body, I feel my bust firm all the time and I can move with ease. It has no seams!

I use it for my classes spinning and dancing, without feeling that I have it on... In addition, the fabric is soft and drying fast, I feel super fresh.

Brasieres Leonisa go get yours now

There are other days when I also like to go to the gym with a bra/top that help improve the position, because not only does it make me look and feel more confident, it also improves my performance when lifting weights, jogging on the band, or doing yoga class; They are exercises that require have a straighter back

Dare to try them, especially if you are a woman of large bust, because these bras have materials with technology and localized tensions that generate control in the upper part of the back, helping you to lighten the weight of your bust and to maintain a more upright position.

They also have excellent coverage of the bust and back, good support and no arches or temples that can make you uncomfortable. The best thing is that some have ergonomic straps; they are puffy and wide so that you feel supremely comfortable. Ideals to accompany you in your medium or high impact sports routines.

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Now let's talk about the panties that are marked under tight clothing, because nothing else flashy and unsightly than this! Colors and stitching can be seen through the leggings or tight shorts, so make sure you look at this before you go out to train. Tea you imagine all the people in the gym looking at you, or even worse, the one sitting right behind you of you in spin class?
Oh! In Leonisa you will find a wide variety of options so that this does not distract you and you can concentrate on the exercise.

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

When buying my sports tights, I like to take into account the materials, Y I also do it during my consultancies to other women. For example, some have fur sensitive and only use cotton, a cool and absorbent material. I don't know if this is your case, because although the cotton it is perfect to use on a daily basis, It's not the one I recommend exercise since by absorbing sweat, it takes longer to dry.

The opposite happens with the microfiber (what many women know as lycra), is a breathable material that allows air to pass through, making it feel release sweat and the garment dries much faster. Choose panties in this material to accompany you in your workouts, you will love them to do sports and you will feel fresher, they are my best option! Also, I want to tell you that all our Leonisa panties have the reinforcement internal, of the intimate area, in 100% cotton.

You will find different options in microfiber, but when it comes to exercise, my favorites are definitely the panties invisible. They have cuts in laser technology, they are free of seams and elastic, both in the legs and in the waist, to guarantee that they are not marked. You are not going to want take them off! They are supremely comfortable, soft and fit perfectly to the body.

Tea I recommend more the invisible ones in silhouette Brazilian so that your buttocks don't break and you're worry free. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, I always wear them under out of my leggings during dance class.

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

If you are a woman who prefers more coverage in the buttocks, we also have invisible panties for you like them cacheteros/hipster. Use them preferably with clothes that are not so tight, for example under your wide silhouette shorts or your sports Jogger.

Ropa interior deportiva - Leonisa

Oh, and before I forget, if your leggings, capri or shorts are light in color or a little transparent, wear your panties in color nude o beige, that will surely be camouflaged with the tone of your skin and thus prevent it from showing through the garment you are wearing.

For To finish, I will talk to you about one of my tips when doing sports. Do you remember that I mentioned that sometimes i use girdles while I train?

Before continuing, it is very important that you know that Leonisa has a position neutral when recommending these garments for sports. So I'm going to talk to you from my experience as a woman and from the knowledge I have about our Leonisa products.

I occasionally use latex girdles to train because this is a material that does not allow perspiration. So when I want an extra boost, I use them to increase sweating and remove toxins. However, there are those who claim that the fluids lost here are not precisely fat; so I leave it to your choice the use of girdles for your workouts!

On the other hand, there are women with lower back pain who also wear latex girdles when time to play sports, since by having a straighter back they feel that the pain decreases, helping them improve performance in their routines.

If you decide to use these girdles, do it only during the exercise! Take it off once you're done to allow your body perspiration, and let it cool down again. This prevents the formation of bacteria caused by by sweat.

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As a Personal Shopper, I am sure that you will find multiple options of bras at Leonisa, panties and sportswear that will exceed your expectations.

There really is a wide variety of garments for your exercise routine!

A hug,



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