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A neckline can become the ideal complement to any garment. But you have to be very careful when wearing them, since they look much better if you don't see the underwear you wear underneath. Do you want to know what type of bra suits each type of neckline? Keep reading!

Types of necklines and their corresponding bra

There are different types of necklines that can be more or less flattering for different types of chest. To find out which style suits you best, it is best to try different options and choose the one that suits you best and the one you are most comfortable with.

Here we tell you what types of necklines there are, what are the particularities that make it unique and which bra is perfect:

  • Strapless neckline

It is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant and sensual necklines out there. By leaving the shoulders uncovered, the neck attracts all eyes, pretending to be longer and slimmer. For this reason, the strapless neckline is considered the sexiest neckline par excellence. What type of bra should be worn with this neckline? Without a doubt, one that enhances the chest so that it does not look saggy and grips well. Indispensable: strapless bras.

  • Back necklines.

The neckline does not always have to go in the front, showing off your back naturally can be very sexy. In addition, many garments create drawings with the fabric in which the skin serves as the background. For these, multiposition bras are indicated, which allow you to play depending on the shape of the garment. Depending on the drawing that the garment makes, we can use this bra for a neckline on the back.

  • V-neck or V-shaped neckline.

In these cases, the neckline drops from the shoulders to form a kind of inverted triangle or "V" at chest height, leaving the neck in the air. It is a style that stylizes a lot and gives a feeling of more bust, so it is ideal for women with small breasts. The only drawback is that you have to be careful with the length of the neckline, since, if it is too pronounced, it can be vulgar. For this type of neckline, the ideal V-neckline bras are push-up bras or plunging neckline bras.

  • Sweetheart neckline

A variant of the previous one is the neckline in the shape of a heart. The philosophy is the same, but instead of ending in a peak, it is shaped like a heart. It is very romantic and ideal for special occasions.

  • Boat neckline.

This type of neckline is characterized by having a straight line that goes from shoulder to shoulder, at the height of the clavicles, leaving the neck clear. Strapless balcolette bras are recommended, because we run the risk of showing.

A more drastic variant is the off-the-shoulder or Bardot neckline, which reveals the shoulders in their entirety.

  • Halter neckline

The halter is a neckline that leaves the shoulders bare and can partially cover the neck. For these, it is best to use a multiposition or strapless bra so that they are not seen and the skin shines completely.

  • Asymmetric necklines.

A few years ago they became fashionable and, deep down, they have never stopped being. They usually leave one shoulder bare. Strapless bras or bras with interchangeable straps are recommended for these.

  • Square or French neckline.

It is common in country and autumn-inspired garments. In recent years, it has been one of the most fashionable necklines in seasonal garments. Here, the protagonist is the clavicle and, in a subtle way, the chest. In these cases, balconet bras are used because, by having less cups and being shorter, they enhance the chest without running the risk of the bra being seen. It is important in these cases that the chest is well collected.

  • Draped neckline

The draped neckline was widely used in the nineties, although it is not so common now. It is a rounded or peaked neckline, where the fabric makes a kind of gather. This gives more volume to the chest, while minimizing some details. In these cases, it is advisable to use a low-cut bra.

  • Round neckline

Crew necks are classic and timeless. They hide and conceal the chest area, so it is ideal for women with a large bust. Reducing bras that gather well are recommended.

Similar to the previous ones, the “U” shaped neckline reaches the chest and shows something more than the previous one.

  • Illusion neckline.

Although it is not a neckline itself, we cannot ignore this type of neckline. It is an optical effect, since it occurs when a transparent garment is placed over another opaque one that covers the area (it can be a basic tank top or strapless, or a bralette)

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