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    The short panties or boxer panties, the most comfortable 

    The briefs or boxer briefs They are one of the most demanded by those women who value comfort above all else. And it is that this type of panty is perfect for day to day. If what you are looking for is buy panties that adapt to your daily rhythm, the boxer-type panties model is the best choice. 

    Boxers for women can be a very feminine garment. A really versatile panty that adapts perfectly to your daily outfits. 

    Women's boxer shorts, the most comfortable shorts

    In addition, boxer briefs are perfect for practicing any sport. If you are looking for sports panties, boxers are a more than valid option. Similar to knickers, short-type panties provide the enhancement you are looking for and are really comfortable for both looks with pants and dresses. 

    animate to buy the boxer briefs model that best suits your style and do not hesitate to use our free advice service available 24 hours a day.