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Who are the Personal Shoppers?

We are four women experts in fashion and underwear, and we want to be your accomplices by giving you our best tips for dressing your body with the perfect garments.

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Have you stopped to think about how important it is to wear the right underwear?
This has a meaning in how we want to see, feel and project ourselves, because although perhaps no one sees what we wear inside, it is a reality that we reflect by feeling safer, more comfortable and empowered.


Our reason for being is you

We have met countless women who mostly wear the wrong size bra, do not know how to use it properly and find it difficult to find their ideal bra or explore different options.
It may sound incredible, but more than 80% of women need a good advice on underwear!

"More than 80% of women need good advice on underwear!"

What have we achieved?

Reach thousands of women through personalized advice, generating unique and unforgettable. We know that choosing the right underwear is not an easy task, so in this space we want you to get to know your body better by taking care of it and dressing it in the best way. Tea We teach how to choose clothes according to your body and needs.

conoce nuestras expertas

What inspires us?

We are inspired by women like you, real women who live with femininity, with self-love and who go for life proud of every inch of her curves.
We are inspired by diversity and knowing that all bodies have a unique beauty.
In that there is nothing more magical than looking at you mirror, love everything you are and feel spectacular in your own skin.

inspires us intimacy, and that exact moment where you find that underwear that fits perfectly to every part of you.
We are inspired by connections, that infinite complicity to feel you in confidence as with a friend who only recommends the best for you.
You inspire us, and for This is what we want you to live a memorable experience with us.


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