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    Biggest size bras for very large bust or cup size

    When you finally find the bra you like, it's disappointing to discover that they don't have your size. This is the everyday life of women with special bra sizes, because it is very difficult to find the one large bra that fits your contour, bust size and breast shape. At Leonisa we try to cover those needs in this large collection! 

    Is it possible to find a large bra that is both functional and pretty?

    From C cup on, the search becomes arduous: in general, large size bras and full cup bras do not meet the needs of women with very large breasts. From Leonisa we wanted to break with this cliché so we have selected a wide variety of bras available in very large sizes at our store. 

    If you are looking to redefine your figure with greater focus on the difficult areas, the slimming girdles will help you with the task, being perfectly compatible with the beautiful models of our online bra collection.

    Large size comfort bras online

    How does it feel to wear a bra so comfortable that you forget you're wearing it? It's a recurring question for women who need bras in special sizes, as they would like to move freely and rest in any position. The good news is that you can buy your comfortable plus size bra online from Leonisa. Perfect fit, breathable materials and maximum coverage. Consult your size for free with our personal shopper service advisors!