A bra for every occasion


Fall in love with those bras that accompany you in your best moments
Un bra para cada ocasión

Melissa Restrepo
Personal Shopper


I don't know if you know, but underwear has power and magic over us women to make us feel and see in a different way. Therefore, nothing richer than opening our closet we can choose what underwear to wear, thinking about: “How do I want to feel today? I love me feel more sexy, comfortable, romantic, or practical?”

My recommendation is that All women have several options to choose from depending on the occasion of use or our state of cheer up.

Nothing richer than open our closet we can choose what underwear to wear, thinking about: How do I want feel today?

So that you understand me very well when I speak of “use occasions”, think about the moments that most women go through, both on a day-to-day basis and on the most specials. We could then talk about work, family moments, a party, trips, the day birthday, a romantic occasion, playing sports, the wedding day, moments of rest, in end… All occasions are an opportunity to feel different through the garments that we use

all occasions they are an opportunity to feel different through the clothes we wear.

I want to tell you about an investigation we did in Leonisa, in which we were able to talk with more than 5,000 women to talk about their wardrobe and underwear, especially their bras. These ready to know the most important findings?


Do you identify yourself in any way with this data? Most likely, yes! The occasions of use have become one of the most decisive factors when buying clothes inside. For example, we learned that most women wear the newest, cutest bras to a special occasion: going out with your partner or friends; always looking to combine it with what he wears Market Stall.

One of the findings that caught my attention is that when seducing, women take more risks in terms of silhouettes: bras, bralettes and bodies, with designs that include transparencies. We find that this It is the occasion of eternal youth and femininity; It is present in all moments of life regardless of age. The black, red and wine are the protagonists when it comes to seducing.

On the other hand, we show that to do sports women are making a good choice in their clothes inside. Most of them use tops that are designed for exercise, while previously some had a bad habit of wearing their "older" bras to this. Furthermore, we conclude that this occasion is ideal to explore: more colors vibrant, different designs of backs and straps, and special details.

We verify with this investigation, that if a woman likes a bra she bought, buy the same one again in another color or buy a very similar one. So let's think, what about the moments and clothes that cannot be worn with this bra? For example would if you like a strapless top but none of your bras can be worn without loaders?

If I walked into your closet right now, I'm sure to find myself with similar bras: all push up, or all plain, or all lace, or it's exactly the same but in different colors, and so on. Women tend to "marry" some garments and we became too mechanical when it comes to renewing our underwear, it scares us innovate, make more risky decisions and get a little out of the known.

If I went into this moment to your closet, it is more likely that I will find similar bras.

Could it be that we are giving it the importance that our underwear truly has?
Remember that these clothes are so powerful that they can make us change our mood or esteem.


Today is a new day for you to try on bras that you had not considered before, give yourself the opportunity to explore, to have a wide variety of options in your closet and to look for the new to always feel different. Meet those bras that all women should have, and so on! guarantee to be ready for any occasion!

give you the chance to explore, to have a wide variety of options in your closet and to look for what is new for always feel different

A bra for everyday use

I mean a 24/7 bra to wear on the day to day. For this occasion the garments soft and light they are essential, perfect for any day of the week. Besides, look for them to give you the support and coverage you need to feel calm in your work daily; a bra so comfortable you can move around without feeling like you're wearing it Market Stall.

The colors white, black and beige are the protagonists for daily use; without However, to give your closet something new, don't forget that new basic colors are here to stay: ivory, rosewood, wine, blues and greens.

Paleta de colores
  • For example, I have a small bust, I often use bralettes with soft cups that make me feel comfortable, safe and cute at the same time. Besides, I try to be combined with everything I wear! Bralette
  • The basic bow bras could become your best allies for this occasion. Brasieres con arco
  • If you are a lover of enhancements, look for a more subtle enhancement and very soft foam. Realce

A bra to party

The strapless Without a doubt, they are a perfect option for this occasion. Think about a party for one of your friends or a special occasion where you want to wear a fitted dress where the shoulders are the protagonists. What better than feeling free and calm without burdens?

  • look for them with deep neckline so you can wear them with dresses, and Smooth so they don't show up with your outerwear. You can also choose it with highlight if you want see you with a little more volume.
  • You will be able to dance or move without worrying about anything, our strapless bras have the technology to fit perfectly to your body.
  • If you are a woman of large bust, I leave you this tip: look for your strapless have a base wider and more structures, so they can give you the support and security you need all the time.

Remember that strapless are so versatile that you can also use them with straps, so They will serve you for many other moments. These are some of my favorites:

Escote profundo

A bra to seduce

It's time to see you and feel very sexy! Lace, transparencies and materials light They are the latest trend to feel more romantic than ever. is the occasion perfect to say hello to garments that perhaps you have never dared to wear, it is time for you to nothing stops you and there are no limits, a perfect space for you to feel different, beautiful, sexy and completely empowered.

In my experience as a Personal Shopper, I can tell you that I find myself in consultancies with many women, of different bust sizes, from a very small to a very large one, who have never dared to wear these sexy and lighter garments. Putting them on, they are surprised and go through different feelings: at first they feel strange because it is very far from what they usually wear, then they start to like how they look and start to feel sexier; finally they totally fall in love with that bra that makes them feel more empowered. If you want to know more about bust sizes Click here.

say yes to lace and transparencies, give yourself the opportunity to wear these garments, who can take away that you fall in love with they!

Dile sí a los encajes

This is a bra with an arch to give you more support. Does not matter if you have a small, regular or large bust, it comes from size 32B to size 40B.

Crop top cuello alto

This high neck crop top will be your best weapon to seduce and feel irresistible once you have it on.

sexy o versátil como quieras

If you prefer lace in more structured garments, here you I leave a bra + bralette, 2 garments in 1, that you can wear as sexy or versatile as you want.

A bra for the wedding day

If your wedding dress needs it, choose a plain bra white, ivory or beige. Without a doubt, choose beige if your dress has transparencies so that your undergarments They blend in with your skin tone and don't show off.

Bras boda
The strapless will be your best option if you are going to show off your shoulders, so look for one with the that you feel very comfortable. You could accompany it with a control panty to help you shape your figure and highlight your curves so that you feel even more confident.
Bodies transparentes
For the wedding night, bodies are the most irresistible option for you thanks to their lace and transparencies.

A bra that is part of your look

Again the lace is the protagonist. Bralettes are a perfect choice because combine the best of comfort and fashion. They are so versatile that they are designed for you to show them a little with your outerwear, becoming the perfect complement to feel unique and stylish.

Bra encaje

If you prefer bras, which give more support to your bust, choose those with lace romantic and dare to show them off with transparencies, subtle necklines or bare backs.

Mayor soporte a tu busto

This is not a special occasion there are many ways to combine your favorite shirts or dresses with a lace undergarment that gives you a touch especially on the shoulders, the straps or the armhole.

You can combine clothes interiors with exteriors to create a look as casual or formal as you want, and feel different: romantic, sexy, risky, fashionable and stylish.

A sports bra

When it comes to exercise, comfort and support are your allies inevitable to have a sports routine without worries.

If any Once you have used your conventional bras or your “older” bras for sports, forget about this!
Keep in mind that a conventional bra usually has bows, underwires, and more. structures, so it can take a toll on your body while you're on the move.

For this you should look for bras or tops that are designed for sports: a garment that gives you the covering what do you need so much wide straps that support the weight of your bust and breathable materials, quick-drying, to always be fresh.

Remember that for this occasion you can be more risky: use colors alive, play with them prints and dare to use silhouettes with differentiated designs.

Bras deportivos

A bra to sleep in

We know that in moments of rest, comfort and feeling that you are not wearing anything is what more important. Has it happened to you that when you are at home, for example watching Netflix, Do you feel that the bra you are wearing is not as comfortable as you would like? It has happened to me! and right in At that moment I decide to change, put on a super light garment, without arches or rods, or anything that uncomfortable.

Bra para dormir

If you are a lover of cotton garments, this bra will surely love. A bra with perfect coverage, designed for all your moments of rest. Besides It is soft, light and fits any bust size.

Bra para dormir

If you really like cotton but also feel more feminine, You won't be able to stop thinking about this bralette that has the best of both worlds: the comfort of cotton and the femininity of lace. The best thing is that not having brooches, you won't feel like you have it on.

Bra para dormir

Yes definitely for moments of rest lace is what yours, you won't be able to resist this bralette designed 100% in romantic lace. Are cute, comfortable and fashionable, that you will want to wear it 24 hours a day, even for most special moments. In my case, I use it in ivory to sleep and in colors black and dark to go out.

Now that you know the variety of options for each occasion, would you dare to give space in your closet to different clothes? Open your mind, explore endless possibilities!

A hug,



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