Is it good to sleep with a bra?

Is it okay to wear a bra to sleep? It is the question that many women ask. For a long time, stars like Marilyn Monroe claimed that they slept in this garment because of the supposed great benefits it brings: firmness, robustness and size increase were some of the myths that circulated about this practice.

Do you want to know how much is myth and how much is reality about the benefits of sleeping with a bra? keep reading!

Let's get to the point: is it good to sleep with a bra?

There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that bras can be used to sleep and prevent wrinkles on the neckline, although it does prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. So, is it good or bad to do it for other reasons? It all depends on your situation, so we will say that it is not recommended for people with small chests who do not need it to support, with sensitive skin or with circulation problems. On the contrary, women with large breasts, who have undergone surgery or pregnant women can benefit from wearing a bra at night. There are many people who choose to sleep with a bra for a matter of comfort and there is nothing to object to. Your comfort comes first!

Why is it usually not recommended to sleep with a bra?

It is not recommended to sleep in this garment for several reasons, especially if it is of poor quality because it can harm a woman's health in the long term. To sleep with a bra, it is essential that it be of good quality.

We will analyze the main negative consequences assuming that it is a conventional bra not suitable for use during rest:

The first of the drawbacks is related to compression in the torso area:

  • Blood circulation in the chest and back area is affected, causing discomfort at night. Keep in mind that excessive compression can cause you to toss and turn trying to fall asleep and rest properly, which can affect the quality of your sleep. The most effective way to keep a bra from constricting (whether it's a sleep bra or a regular bra) is by wearing a bra top or adding bra extenders.
  • In addition to sleeping difficulties, this compression of the torso can oppress the nodes and lymphatic channels found in the armpits. If this part of the body is compressed, sweating becomes more difficult and it is more difficult to eliminate toxins naturally. Day bras tend to have a narrower base than night bras and are tighter, aggravating this effect. That is why it is advisable to use special night bras, and not the ones we use every day.

Other reasons why conventional bras are not recommended for sleeping that are not related to compression of the torso are:

  • Sleeping with a bra implies having a garment rubbing against the skin with every movement we make and, if the fabric is not suitable, stains can appear. Constant and prolonged rubbing can stimulate the melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin, causing them to produce more melanin pigment in that area, leading to the appearance of areas with hyperpigmentation.
  • When you sleep in a tight garment, an environment of humidity and warmth is created; the perfect breeding ground for the appearance of fungi and the consequent infections. It is for this reason that bacterial technology exists, which many day bras lack.

Situations in which it is not good to wear a bra to sleep

For these reasons, it is strongly discouraged to wear a bra to sleep in the following cases:

  • If you have circulation problems and fluid retention.
  • If you have sensitive skin and wearing it irritates your skin or inflames it.
  • If you have little chest, you have no need because there is no function to fulfill.

In short, wearing bras continuously is not recommended, although it is recommended to use night bras on certain occasions, always remembering that we need to spend a few hours without wearing it.

When is it advisable to wear a night bra?

It is recommended in:

  • Big breasts. Women with large breasts find it very uncomfortable to sleep without a bra, which is why they choose to use this garment, since it prevents them from moving a lot when sleeping. In these cases, it is convenient to use a suitable garment, a bra that does not have underwires so that it does not hurt and that is made of a comfortable fabric such as cotton. Another option may be low-intensity sports bras, designed for yoga or pilates, which are also breathable and supportive.
  • During pregnancy and lactation periods. Wearing a night bra during pregnancy will help prevent unappreciated stretch marks from appearing and, incidentally, incidentally, serves to number you to a sensitive breast. Using this garment during the lactation period will allow the use of absorbent discs so as not to stain clothes and bedding. In the Leonisa catalog you will find an assorted range of bras for maternity and nursing with different designs, so that you do not give up comfort at this stage of your life.
  • Having undergone a surgical process in the area. In these cases, in fact, it is even recommended by health experts, since this protects the tissues and minimizes the pain caused by movement and possible infections. At Leonisa we think of all women throughout their lives, that's why we also have special bras for post-surgery.

However, remember that it is not good to have the bra on all day, you have to take it off for at least a few hours.

How to find the right sleep bra

If you like to sleep with a bra because you meet any of the above conditions or simply because you feel comfortable with it, you need to find the right one. So what requirements must a night bra meet?

  • The most important thing: that it is your size. In these cases, your mission is to hold, not squeeze.
  • It is preferable that it be made of cotton, since it is a very comfortable and breathable material. For example, this non-wired bralette is so light and soft, you won't even notice you're wearing it!

Sujetador para dormir Leonisa

  • It must not have underwires, rods, seams, padding or a push-up effect. This way it will not squeeze and will not leave a mark on the body and you will avoid possible injuries or chafing.
  • If possible, do not have brackets or other elements that can hurt you. If it is an impossible mission, preferably they are protected and padded so that they do not directly impact the skin.

At Leonisa we want to make it easy for you in your search for the perfect sleep bra, so on our website you will find a wide range of bras that will help you conceive your rest. Enter our website and choose yours!

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